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CSC Core Java Interview Questions
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Howmany address lines are required to addressing 1 MB memory?

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How to create an instance of a class without using "new" operator? Plz help me out properly.Thank u.

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what is mean by overriding in which situation we wil use?

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how can we import the user defined package without classpath?

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7) Suppose there is Student class like class student { int age; string name; } We want to store these objects in a HashMap. Do we need to override any methods in Student class? If any which ones and why? what if i just override equals or just hashcode? what will be the results in both the cases?

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System.out.println("somestring"); It will create any object or not

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what is platform independence in java?

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in a console we r giving java if r pressing enter where it'll goes

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we r taking 0 1 in deployment descripter for loading servlets like serv1 N serv2? so 'll it take serv1 or serv2

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CSC Core Java Interview Questions

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