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CSC Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What are the steps, procedures, objectives to write test cases.

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Process and procedures followed while writing Integration testcases and system test cases

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any body can explain me door lock test cases,cell phone test cases, table and chair test cases

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Difference Between Quality Center and Test Director?

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What is the mean by Test Management,Test Design,Test Execution,Test Plan,Test Specification?

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Explain Equavalence Partioning.With example?

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Can u please explain wat is Cyclomatic Complexity?and wat is incident?

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wat is the 3 golden rules of gui testing

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can please tell me in brief:: what is Agile testing?when we go for this type of testing?

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When u will start writing test cases?who will intemate u ,to write test cases?if the requirements changes day by day what will u do allready written test cases?

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How can u justify u r written all the test cases are meeting the client Requirements?if is there any missing functionality how can u know?

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What are the interview question on insurance domain in manual testing


what is difference b/w test case and test scenario?

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If a TESTER finds a defect in a WEB APPLICATION, and then raised a ticket to developer. But a developer was unable to reproduce the same defect, then what a tester must do. And what a tester needs to explain a developer...?

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In your Testing career, what was the critical DEFECT you think...? Please post some real time critical issues for the above question...?

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CSC Manual Testing Interview Questions

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