Explain Equavalence Partioning.With example?

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Explain Equavalence Partioning.With example?..

Answer / revati

Equivalence portioning is a technique for testing
equivalence classes rather than undertaking exhaustive
testing for each value of the larger class.
An equivalence class is a subset of data that is
representative of a larger class.
For example:
1.If an input condition specifies a range, then there will
be one valid and two invalid equivalence classes are
defined as follows:
If the Name text field should be 5 to 10 alpha
characters. Then instead of checking 6 times Name text
field ,make one class with range <5-10> which will be
called valid class and another class will be invalid
class which will be less than and greater than the range.

2.If an input condition requires a specific value, then one
valid and two valid classes are defined.
e.g. Input data is 6 digit number, then valid class is
<6 digit> and invalid classes are (<6) &( >6)

3.If an input condition is a Boolean then one valid and one
invalid equivalence classes are defined.
e.g. True or False.

The aim is to minimize the number of test cases require to
cover these input conditions.

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Explain Equavalence Partioning.With example?..

Answer / subhash

Equivalence Partitioning is a black box testing technique.
we use Equivalence Partitioning to divide the test case in
equivalence Partitioned Valid and Invalid.

example: Consider a credit card limit accepted only range
between(20000 to 50000).

test case will be

Less than 20000(invalid)
Between 20000 to 50000 (valid)
Greater than 50000 (Invalid)

Hope this will clear your doubt..

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Explain Equavalence Partioning.With example?..

Answer / logu

Testing the application or field with a different set of data within a specified range.

Ex: User name should accept 2 to 6 character means we have to crate the Test case for only 2 to 6 ranges not more than that.

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