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Tech Mahindra Manual Testing Interview Questions
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wat is build verification testing

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how to perform reviews

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how to report reviews

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how to access a build & wat is its configuration


if the object is identified by QTP & also virtual object wizard then which object will added to object repository

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11.what are two of your weaknesses?


How many Types of test Case are there? What are the challenges u faced in Ur Company ? What are intonation u taken in ur project?

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1.What is end-to-end Testing 2.What ist the difference between WebBased Testing and Application Testing

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i have 2 year experience in manual testing, if i am attending any interview what kind of question i will get?

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2.what is the differnce bet project volume and v.s.s and what is the advantage of v.s.s?


what is ISTQB and CSTE which one is the right choice ? plz let me know and it would be a great advantage for many tester

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What is network Entry procedure in WIMAX -TEch mahidra question?

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What is the difference between Developer and programmer?

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What is white-box Integration Testing and its differences between Black box-Integration testing?

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Q2. From the below given choices, which one is the ‘Confidence testing’ A. Sanity testing B. System testing C. Smoke testing D. Regression testing

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Tech Mahindra Manual Testing Interview Questions

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