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Tech Mahindra CCNA Interview Questions
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How the STP determinw that which Port should be Root Port, which port should be Designeted Port , Blocking Port and Forwarding Port in Layer 2 STP topology

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Which one is the Best protocol- Static routing, RIPV2,EIGRP,OSPF.

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Hey Folks how are you i guess some of guys are newly visitors of this site so let me introduce my self. I am jitendera kumar sinha working for cisco system (india)( Network engineer L2) and i was also a regular Visitors of this site and i have provided lots of answer and i do not know how many are correct :-) By the way i am here again to learn some thing and share my knowledge which is beyond CCNA Scope and and it is some where related to ccnp ( switching )and ccnp Security as i am pursuing ccnp security so i am going to start the topics from switching and will share my knowledge and try to brush-up my knowledge.... so let me know any topic in switching where you are facing difficulty and i will try to solve it so please post one topic and i will reply weekly as i am getting time on Sunday only

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Tech Mahindra CCNA Interview Questions

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