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Tech Mahindra C Interview Questions
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2.main { int x,j,k; j=k=6;x=2; x=j*k; printf("%d", x);

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f(char *p) { p=(char *)malloc(sizeof(6)); strcpy(p,"HELLO"); } main() { char *p="BYE"; f(p) printf("%s",p); } what is the output?

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what is the difference between arrays and linked list

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what is volatile in c language?

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What are the commands should be given before weiting C Program i.e, Cd.. like

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How to avoid structure padding in C?

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what is c?

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main() { printf("\n %d %d %d",sizeof('3'),sizeof("3"),sizeof(3)); } wat is the o/p and how?

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what is disadvantage of pointer in C

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is compiler do read the data line by line or not. ??

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what is the value of b if a=5; b=++a + ++a

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what are the stoge class in C and tel the scope and life time of it?

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What is the output of the below program and how it is? void main() { static int var=5; printf("%d",var--); if(var) main(); }

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An entire structure variable can be assigned to another structure variable if __________

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Write a c program to print the even numbers followed by odd numbers in an array without using additional array

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Tech Mahindra C Interview Questions

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