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Tech Mahindra Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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i want all the questions asked interview in tech mahindra also the written exam papers in tech mahindra what is the future in the mahindra for the fresheres in mechanical? you future visiting area for campus

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What is the significant of ZERO degree kelvin ? why it is not possible to achieve it?

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id 35.00mm ,od 72.00mm & width 23.00mm .how to calculate bearing number.

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If any machinery or transmission needs periodic and regular lubrication what is the best method to give it?

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• Do you consider yourself a leader?

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what is the diffrence bitween hypo eutectoid and hyper eutectoid steels?

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difference between lead screw and ball screw???

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diffrence between cnc and nc??

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What is charge?

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Differentiate Between High Speed coupling and high torque coupling with examples.


Carnot cycle

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Tech Mahindra Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions

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