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Tech Mahindra SQL PLSQL Interview Questions
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what is the difference between trigger and storedprocedures

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What are the default Oracle triggers??

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What is the difference between DELETE and TRUNCATE?

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i have doubt that any one tell ref cursor comes in sql pl/sql? pls clarify?

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what is the need of the cursor attribute notfound..(because using found attribute we can complete the task......found + negation operator = not found )

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how do you count the duplicate records in a table

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how u can find the n row from a table?

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what is the difference between implicit and explicit trigger

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can we delete the trigger in a view? if yes why if not why?

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What is mutating trigger?How to avoid it??

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what is the difference between cursor FETCH and FOR LOOP ?

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What is a mutating table

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Write a procedure to return the month and the number of developers joined in each month (cursor )

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Practice 1: Changes to data will only be allowed on tables during normal office hours of 8.45 in the morning until 5.30 in the afternoon, MONDAY through FRIDAY. A. Create a procedure called SECURE_DML that prevents the DML statement from executing outside of normal office hours, returning the message: “you may only make changes during normal office hours” b. Create a statement trigger on the PRODUCT table which calls the above procedure. c. Test it by inserting a new record in the PRODUCT table.

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Tech Mahindra SQL PLSQL Interview Questions

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