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Tech Mahindra Cognos Interview Questions
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i have 4 countries in my database as USA, UK, INDIA, CHANA. In value prompt's prompt control list, i want WESTERN_COUNTRIES, ASIAN_COUNTRIES instead of those country names. When i click on WESTERN_COUNTRIES, it should retrieve USA, UK records and when i click on ASIAN_COUNTRIES, it should retrieve INDIA, CHINA records. How is it possible?

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In which type of report we can create school time table in cognos? [I want period numbers in rows like period 1, Period 2, period 3, period 4, period 5 and class numbers in columns like 8th class, 9th class, 10th class and subject names in cells] Genelally school time table is prepared in crosstab report, but subject names are not measures and a crosstab cell can not contain non-measures. This is my problem,,,,,

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How can you create prompts in framework manager?

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how do you test reports in reportnet? what do you record in unit testing documents? pls give answer in detail......

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How can we change any header or footer for a group of reports

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Wht is difference between content store and content manager?

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Tech Mahindra Cognos Interview Questions

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