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Tech Mahindra Informatica Interview Questions
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What is Factless fact table ???

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How could we generate the sequence of key values without using sequence generator transformation in the target ??

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In Real Time what are the scenarios u faced, what r the tough situations u have overcome, and explain about sessions.

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Hi All, I've 110 records in my table but 101 records contains an error. When I run the session, I want to load the 100 records into the target. Can anyone suggest me the best solution for this... Thanks in Advance,

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how many repositories can v create in informatica .

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we have tables like c1 a c2 b c3 c c4 x c5 y and i need output like abcx in a single row and abcy in a single row? how do u do this?

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can we use union transformation in joiner transformation?how?

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how we can add header and footer to flat files?

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how to run workflow in unix?

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write sql query following table city gender no chennai male 40 chennai female 35 bangalore male 25 bangalore female 25 mumbai female 15 i want the required output city male female chennai 40 35 bangalore 25 25 mumbai 15

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generate Unique sequence numbers for each partition in session with Unconnected Lookup ? Hi All, Please help me to resolve the below issue while Applying partitioning concept to my Session. This is a very simple mapping with Source, Lookup , router, and target. I need to Lookup on the target and compare with the source data, if any piece of data is new then Insert, and If any thing change in the existed data then Update. while Inserting the new records to the target table I'm generating sequence numbers with Unconnected lookup, by calling the maximum PK ID from the target table. The above flow is working fine from last one year. Now I wish to apply the Partitioning concept to the above floe(session) At source I used 4 pass through partitions.(For Each partition different filter conditions to pull the data from source) at Target I used 4 passthrough Partitions. it is working fine for some data, but for some rows for Insert Operation , it is throwing Unique key errors, because while Inserting the data it is generating the same sequence key twice. In detail : 1st row is coming from 1st partition and generated the sequence number 1 for that row. 2nd row is coming from 1st partition and generated the sequence number 2 for that row 3rd row is coming from the 2nd partition generated the sequence number 2 again for that row. (it must generate 3 for this row) the issue is becuase of generating the same sequence numbers twice for different partitions. Can any one Please help me to resolve this issue. While Applying partitions how can I generate a Unique Sequence numbers from Unconnected lookup for Each partitioned data. Regrads, N Kiran.

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Tech Mahindra Informatica Interview Questions

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