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Tech Mahindra SAP Security Interview Questions
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Q1) What is the difference between Derived Role & Copy Role? Can't we just do a copy instead of deriving it when both have the same characterstics or inputs or functions??

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How to create a custom T-code tell me the procedure How to add an authorization object for that custom t-code If any authorization object has been modified in SU24, how it will be effected in the system? If u has issue like add one AO in 50 roles what would u do? (If all 50 are single roles)? What is rule? What kind of reports does perform at the R3 level?

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What is the latest change that was done to the SU53 trace, which is used to find the last authorization failure in SAP..???

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what is the difference between adding tcode in menu and adding tcode using s_tcode ?

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does composit role has autherisations,how to we add the org values in composit role,What is the max authorizations objects that can be assigned to a profile

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How to add a new tcode to 1000 roles at a time?

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how can we get the email address for multiple users at a time.

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what is the difference between customizing request and workbenchrequest?

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Tech Mahindra SAP Security Interview Questions

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