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Tech Mahindra CCDA Interview Questions
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difference between layer 3 switch and router


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Tech Mahindra CCDA Interview Questions

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example wrongly financial statments showing vat refund (under Advances) for the finanical year 08-09 , but present assement year after assement by cto given vat refund more than ledger showing balance then decided to every month set off vat payable to vat refund(advance) but more than recoverd compare with company and cto then what is the entry to be take.


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hdn Systems Pvt. Ltd., manufactures a consumer durable which passes through two processes M and N. From the following details prepare necessary process ledger accounts bringing out clearly the cost of the product at each stage. Process ‘M’ Process ‘N’ Materials (Rs.) 30,000 3,000 Labour (Rs.) 10,000 12,000 Overheads (Rs.) 7,000 8,600 Input (units) 20,000 17,500 Normal loss 10% 4% Scrap value of loss (per unit) Re. 1.00 Rs. 2.00 There is no opening or closing W-I-P or stock at processes. Final output from the process ‘N’ was 17,000 units


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