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Tech Mahindra Interview Questions
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Explain SD and MM Flow?

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How Client will contact the Bean?

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when i went to a call center she asked me. where u want to see after few years?

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working of a diesel generator.

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What is share script?

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Difference between String & StringBuffer

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can we add fields to SAP Standard tables. ? Do SAP tables have indexes. ?

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What are the steps involved in creating a pricing procedure?

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What is INBOUND and OUT BOUND? (Different types of interfaces)

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What is FORWARD DECLARATION in Packages?

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2.main { int x,j,k; j=k=6;x=2; x=j*k; printf("%d", x);

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f(char *p) { p=(char *)malloc(sizeof(6)); strcpy(p,"HELLO"); } main() { char *p="BYE"; f(p) printf("%s",p); } what is the output?

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How do you declare a host variable (in COBOL) for an attribute named emp-name of type VARCHAR(25) ?

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What are the different methods of accessing db2 from tso? How is the connection established between TSO & DB2?

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what's the equivalent Cobol Data type for Decimal(x,y) in DB2? what does the current SQLID register contain?

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Tech Mahindra Interview Questions

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