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Tech Mahindra SQL Server Interview Questions
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how to write the query to select the rows are in the order of either 1,3,5,7... or 2,4,6,8,...

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Their are two tables 'A' and'B'.Table 'A' contains 3 columns named 'eid','ename','dept'. Table 'B'contains 3 columns named'sid','designation','salary'. We have to retrieve the names of employees working in the same department,same designation and same salary. Its urgent can anyone help me out in this problem.

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What are the steps to follow to configure SQL*Net?


What do you understand by SQL*Net?


Write a program using SQL queries to find a unique entry in a table.


What is difference between global temporary tables and local temporary tables?


What do you mean by the term 'normalization'?


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Tech Mahindra SQL Server Interview Questions

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