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Tech Mahindra SAP SD Interview Questions
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What is the use of entering base price [PR00] in OVKK

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What is the role of a SAP SD Functional consultant with over three years of experience in TESTING phase of Implementation of a SAP Project? a)Are Test plans being created by SD consultant?if yes then how? b)who will develop test strategy? I was asked what are the test plans you have created What should be my answer to that particular question in detail with example thanks in advance from an unemployee waiting for your response

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what is the requirement column contains in pricing table.Please explain with example.

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My client want to generate one idocs for every change in material pertains to sales org 1710 and distribution channel 10 only..I have created one distribution model at bd64 and also added filteration functionality for sales org 1710 and dist channel 10.....Now I am able to generate one master I docs if I use other sales areas also..such as Sales org 1010 and dist channel 10...which should not be generate...Please suggest me where the settings need to be done to avoid generating idoc other than sales org 1710 and dist channel 10...


How the account determination happen ?

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There is one legal entity IN10 under which there are 4 different plants 1, 2, 3 and 4. I have maintained plant number 1 in MMR and extended to plant 2, 3 and 4. Now I am creating one contract with plant number 2 however in material master data there is plant 1. with respect to Contract I am creating Debit Memo Request in DMR. However in DMR document i am getting plant 1 which I have maintained in MMR, However I have to get plant 2 which I have maintained in contract. Please tell me how to carry that plant 2 from contract to DMR ( RRB). Is it possible through standard SAP or Should I go to enhancement.

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Hi Can any one please explain what is Item category and item category group, Item category usage with examples. Radha

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Tech Mahindra SAP SD Interview Questions

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