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Tech Mahindra Core Java Interview Questions
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Difference between String & StringBuffer

16 49079

what are the oops concept in java explain with real time examples

24 188995

what is difference between colection and collections?

25 62134

what is use of business objects?

3 5194

How to provide security in java


what is difference between requestprocessor and request dispatcher?

2 17725

what is java

3 4654

what is Inheritense

3 4601

what is multi-tasking

3 5971

what is multitherading

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What is Generic in java? Where can we write Generic ( class or method or objects or etc...)? with simple example? Thanks, Bose.

2 18609

is JVM platform dependent or independent..?

11 35944

Difference between interface and abstract class with ex.

4 7392

what is Thread priority?

4 5822

Distinguish method overloading and overriding

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Tech Mahindra Core Java Interview Questions

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