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Tech Mahindra Shell Script Code Interview Questions
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i have some csv files in a directory which have sub-directories also. now how can i merge all .csv files in to one with a single header. for example: have some 4 files. 1.csv--------name,age,sal abc,25,4000 2.csv--------name,age,sal vgd,32,3500 3.csv--------name,age,sal hfg,20,5000 4.csv--------name,age,sal asd,15,2000 now my output file should be like 5.csv----------name,age,sal abc,25,4000 vgd,32,3500 hfg,20,5000 asd,15,2000 and please explain the code for me. as i am new to scripting. thank you in advance


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Tech Mahindra Shell Script Code Interview Questions

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