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Tech Mahindra OOPS Interview Questions
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what is the main difference between c and c++?

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why c++ is a highlevel language

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What is nutshell in programming language?

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1.explicit call for destructor 2.calling function inside a constructor. 3.base *b-new derived delete b; 4.delete p what it will delete. 5.size of base class and derived class int i,in base class and int j in derived. i-20 int main() { int i =5; printf("%d".::i); { int i =10; printf("%d".::i); } } 7.object slicing 9.function overloading(return type). 10.class base() { virtuval fun() { ----- } } class derivied:public base() { fun() { ----- } } int main() { derived d; } static function will call in C++? 12.default structures are in C++? 13.constructors should be in public . 14.virtuval constructor not exist. 15.multilevel inhritence. destructor order.

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define oops with class and object

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Tech Mahindra OOPS Interview Questions

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