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Tech Mahindra QTP Interview Questions
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plz explain QTP real time work( Means where you store scripts and how u access scripts next day? where those activities we are maintaining, If By usig VSS how the process in going on , plz explain briefly?

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We need to verify the user name & password in for the user validation. But we don't want to use the parameterization/ loop for user name and password. What is the way in scripting so that user & password will generate automatically.

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1.can we parameterise object repository?how we can do it? 2.there is a name "mallikharjun".i want to get the vowels in it through VBSCRIPT?

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Hello! i am having two comboboxes.Each having 10 items in it.when i select first item in first combobox,it is not similar in the second combobox.for ex in first combo if it is Hyderabad,in second it should be some chenai or some other item .Write a VBSCRIPT for that?

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How open an excel sheet in QTP(not a run time )?

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what is testing process with QTP in organization

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example-date format is 01-jan-09 in QTP.How to convert this format to 01-01-09?

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How to find the OS name by using QTP script?

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There are some links on the web page,write a script to count and click those links and check the text on the page displayed on clicking the links.

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Write a script to delete a specific row in a webtable.

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What is the difference between low level recording and virtual object.

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There is web page with the webtable,this contains some data, how do you manipulate the data.

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You say it is a bug but developer say it is not a bug then what will you do?

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How you perform smoke and sanity testing using qtp?

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hai friend's .. my question is a[0]=I a[1]=N a[2]=D LIKE IT GO'S i need output INDIA ,using simple string how will u do? can any one tell really need full..

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Tech Mahindra QTP Interview Questions

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