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Tech Mahindra JCL Interview Questions
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How can we execute only one step in a job

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how are instream data terminated?

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why do we use file-aid wht r the adv of using file-aid thn in ispf

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I have a JCL with 100 steps. I want run the Alternate steps in the JCL ( Like 2 ,4,6,8 etc.. ). How can I acheive this scenario? If It is by Cond Parameter can you provide the Condition code for that?

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How many JOB statements a JCL can have ? If there are more than one JOB statements in a JCL, are they submitted in succession or in parallel ?

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Hi, all suppose i have 5 steps (S1,S2,S3,S4,S5) what will happen if cond is true or false (which of the other steps get executed)? 1) //s3 exec pgm=abc,cond=(0,le) 2) //s3 exec pgm=abc,cond=(0,le,step2) 3) In the jobcord RESTART=step3,cond=(0,le) 4) can i code COND=TRUE in jobcard, if yes what will happen?

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Tech Mahindra JCL Interview Questions

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