Explain about sales order cycle?

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Explain about sales order cycle?..

Answer / yogesh

Sales Order Cycle depends on nature of industry. Normal
Sales cycles is Quot - Order - Delivery - Billing/Invoice.

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Explain about sales order cycle?..

Answer / siva

In general sales order cycle is


apart from this in some senearios a sales order is said to
be complete after receiving the payment towards Invoice

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Explain about sales order cycle?..

Answer / romita

1.Presales Activities-Inquiry/Quotation.
2.Sales Order processing.
3.Inventory Sourcing-TOR to Material Planning i.e
4.Shipping-Delivery,Picking,packing,Transportation Planning,PGI.

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Explain about sales order cycle?..

Answer / jagan

Sales order is an aggrement btw the company and a customer.
Sales order takes all necessary data's from Cust.Master
DAta and Matl Master Data. It can take even data from
Quotations (w.r.t preceeding documents). Then the data
copied into delivery order.Then relevant data from both
sales order as well as deliver order is copied into Billing
documents. At every stage system integrates with other
modules as well to grab data.

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Explain about sales order cycle?..

Answer / somesh chakraborti

Answer 5) Sales Order Cycle :- Inquiry - Quotation - Order-
Delivery - Post Goods Issue - Billing - Return Order -
Return Delivery - Post Goods Return - Return Billing Type.

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Explain about sales order cycle?..

Answer / mazin bawazir

1-Inquiry from (Loss Of sales/Replenishments preparing)=
2- Qoutations
3- Place of Purshase Order
4- Reciving (Delivery Note/Packing List)
5- Invoiceing & Invetory update (System Receiving)

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Explain about sales order cycle?..

Answer / manoj kumar guin



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Explain about sales order cycle?..

Answer / lalit khandelwal

Inquiry-Quotation-Sales Oder-Pick order-PickSheet-Customer
Credit Check-Pack Slip-Shipment-Advance Shipment-Billing

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