What is a ZM entry, is it recorded in the general ledger, and what does it do?

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after running settlement through t-Code CO88 where & how we can see the result of that settlement in a production order?

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when you r uploading vendor data open items the with holding tax of concern transaction are also updating automatically, it is duplicating because the WHT LINE ITEMS ARE already uploaded. how do you customize or rectify it?

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Can you anybody give the FICO Tickets like Low,Medium,High & Critical issues with some examples in the real time happened. please forward it to my mail id...mamidi1980@gmail.com

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What is Assets class?

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down payments..by using t-code -48 i have posted a dp..amt of 160000.while invoice was fully posted..but i cleared it t-code 58 instead of f-44..in fbln1 in still shows open item..give a solution..tq

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what is the implemention project in sap?

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What are the different catagories of cost element?

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Hai i completed MBA finance and done SAP FICO than i want start my carrer with sap fico entry level .Is there any openings such jobs .suggest me any one plz................

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some tickets?Issues

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line items r showing in open items(t.code fbl1n), while clearing the accounts in f-28, those docuemtns which r showing in the t.cdefbl1n is not picking. Waitng for u r replies Thanks in Advance

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What is sub ledger? How is it linked to GL?

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What is asset master?

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