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iGate Interview Questions
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What are advantages of C++ when comparing with C?

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May i know high priority&low seviarity,high seviarity&low priority

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hi Here ive question on Reportnet when we save a report in reportstudio with what ext it save

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what is qtp automation frame work,what is the use of that frame work?

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What is the smallest package in Java API?

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What is the difference between doGet and doPost?

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How many fields(max) can be there in a transparent table?

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1/(10 power 18) - 1/(10 power 20) = ?

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What is 77 level used for ?

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What are the two search techniques ?

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what is lis ,lo and difference between them ?

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What is a router?

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What is meant by "Early Binding" and "Late Binding"? Which is better?

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What is the major problems you resolved during your testing process?


I-GATE PLACEMENT PAPERS ---------placement paper -1

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iGate Interview Questions

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