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CG Interview Questions
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What was the type of time recording you used in time management. Positive or negative? What is positive time recording and negative time recording? What are the differences between them?

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1. Why a DC motor starter is called 3 point starter

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Can a function return a dictionary object?

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what are the differences between 'exhaust fan', 'heavy-duty exhaust fan' & 'super heavy duty exhaust fan'. what are their power ratings ?


Name some errors which can be detected by Trial Balance


why main steel is to be reinforced in shorter direction in case of slab?

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What is the full cycle of both AP & AR?

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what is difference Auto-transformer and ICT ?

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For a load of 40HP induction motor.what will be size of Armoured copper cable require to connect the motor to starter in Star-Delta?

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types of transformer ?

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what is meant by power and distribution transformer ?


How we can come to know the substation range,without go through any name plate ?


Why your client need to implement SAP? And what is the benefit of it?

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Where can we see existing Validations and Substituitions ?

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Can I hide the conditions in export excise invoice in from standard configuration


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Un-Answered Questions

best trainig institutes and best faculty in chennai for software testing ?


What is location update? Why do we need location update?


Do u any one having Idea on Indocen Electronics. That is in Mumbai. I got an offer from that. Is that company is good or not. I am little bit confused on it. Please provide me the information.


which report give the data of GL with materials details in sap?


pls tell estimate for 1 kilometre length random rubble masonry 0.90 metre height 0.600 metre width


What is hp & mp seperator .& what is its working principle ?


can any one tell me about the Extra low voltage systems?From where we give supply to these type of systems??


what is your project architecture?


why US countries maintains 110v and 60HZ


How do You Maintain a structure after getting cube test of low strength.


what is the difference between Blocked ALV and interactive ALV?


What are the uses of List View Control?


How to prepare HSD statements in tally


What are the steps to create new tax category?


While depositing cash at any bank above then Rs 50K, we need to provide PAN Card or we have to fill form 60, but tell me why a person needs to sign FORM 60 if he is paying installments of >50K of Loan availed by him/her earlier? As if he is repaying Loan, not depositing in his A/c?


CG Interview Questions
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