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Keane India Ltd Interview Questions
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Difference Between BDC and LSMW?

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Explain SD and MM Flow?

12 58697

What are the steps carried the ALE?

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who is vendor?

2 12837

Why defining Logical systems?

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How you will send mail from one SAP system to other SAP system?

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Define Internal Table?

8 7794

What is Basic IDOC type?

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what is sorted table and Hash table?

4 10558

what is direct input method?

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Transaction code for creating Message class?

6 40352

what is session and what is the use of that one?

1 5006

what are the events in ABAP?

18 61873

What are control break statements?

19 41769

Events used in Interactive Reports?

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Keane India Ltd Interview Questions

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