What is the use of start-of-selection.,if not use in report what will happen,?

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What is ALV programming in ABAP? When is this grid used in ABAP?

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what is an user exit?

3 Answers   CSC,

When we copy any Driver Program from Nace............when we copy into zprog,when we activate how it was linking to that particular std layout............what happening to the previous driver prog?

1 Answers   IBM,

in a report there is two options for each there is a seperate alv reportt. how to have form top-of-page for both in same report.

2 Answers  

How to Create an Interactive List based on the selection criteria specified for the customer number for displaying the customer information on the basic list, their corresponding order details on the secondary list. Plz specify the coding details. Regards, Rahul

1 Answers   TCS,

I have 1 basic list and 9 secondary list in interactive report. If i am in 5th list, how can i come directly to the basic list?

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Hi guy.. i have to face an interview in a couple of day.. so can you please give me some good and tough question on abap.

0 Answers   SAP Labs, CGI,

what is enhancement and modification ? Explain clearly please

2 Answers   Keane India Ltd,

send coding to write a program to create customer quotation using BAPI 'BAPI_QUOTATION_CREATEFROMDATA2/BAPI_QUOTATION_CREATEFR OMDATA'

0 Answers   SGT,

types of smartforms? windows in smartforms?

4 Answers   TCS, Cap Gemini,

What are secondary indexes. How can we know which index is being used in a select query?

0 Answers   Infosys,

Can anyone done BDC/LSMW/BAPI for F-02 and F-04.If yes let me know the processs

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