What is the use of start-of-selection.,if not use in report what will happen,?

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why SAP scripts and smartforms are used

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How to search a Internal Table Fields?

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You have 5lakh records to transfer to sap from flat file.which method of bdc you wiil choose and why?

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How to fetch all the data from the Internal table?

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how to identify all the BDC Programs running in Client SAP Environment

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stock transfer from one plant to another plant ? i want the total description.

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What are function modules in scripts?

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How are BAPI different from Normal function modules ?

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What is the diffrence between select single * and Select upto 1 row?

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4. You are given functional specs for a BDC program and you need to decide whether to write a method call transaction or a session. How u will decide?

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How do u know that updation is successful in BDC

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What is Macro

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