What is the difference between Classic badi and Kernal badi ?

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What is kernal badi? What is the difference between classic badi and kernal badi ? What is the advantages of kernal badi?

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Give me the Full flow of SD and MM

5 Answers   Wipro,

1.How to pass the variables to form? 2. How did you test the form you developed? 3.what are the outpout types and tcodes? 4.what mean by performance analysis?

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how many types of table types ?

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How we can give authorization on the fields of table control in a dialog-programming?

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which releationship can be established in watchpoints

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What is static attribute

0 Answers   Infosys,

if bdc session method is to be executed at some particular time without using sessions? how?

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how can i fetch the records of 3 tables with a single select query,without using join.

12 Answers   CTS, IBM,

why we use 4 msg variable in BDCMSGCOLL stucture in BDC? why not more or less than 4?

3 Answers   IBM,

If u use US Database server? How can access the client?

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BDC program to migrate data to SAP R/3 database. The data will be uploaded using transaction ME11. (Session Method) plz mention the detail coding Tahnks, Rahul

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