Why attemperation is required in HRSG in a combined cycle
power plant?

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Answer / randhir singh

To control steam temperatur during flue gas temperature variation and rapidly varing load condition.

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Answer / kanawar

To control steam temp when flue gas temp is vary.

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Answer / keyur donga

when the main steam temprature is goes high At varying load of the HRSG At this this time We maintain the Steam temp by using attempration in HRSG.

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Answer / sitaram singh .bonduli

As the steam generated in HRSG shall be routed to the main steam pipeline of steam turbine , it should meet the design criteria (Design temp) hence The attemperation serve the purpose when Rapidly varying load conditions takes place.

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Answer / baskaran

During gas turbine load reduce time, HP superheater temperature going to high temperature at that time Attamperator using in between HP superheater 1 &2.

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Answer / murali

for control steam temp and to avoid secondary super heater coil metal temp high. becoz secondary coil location is near flue gas out from gas turbine. this gas temp around 620 degree Celsius

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Answer / sunil

In CCPP secondary superheater coils are located near to flue gases and exhaust of gas turbine enters boiler . Exhaust of GT are at high temp around 600C

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Answer / jayanta madhab

Attemperation required to protect costly superheater and
evaporator tubes from overheating during flue gas
temperature variation.

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