Power Plant Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the defenation of efficiency in the high pressor boiler? what is the formila of efficiency in the high pressor boiler?

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Why attemperation is required in HRSG in a combined cycle power plant?

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why drum level is increased when one of the running coal elevations are suddenly tripped?

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What is definition of hydrogen cell?and were are you use?

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how shall you calculate PLF on the basis of percentage auxillary load factor

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why we use reduction gear box to reduce turbine high rpm to 1500 rpm in small plant

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what is CT saturate?and which effect on CT after its saturate?

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what is IR in differential test on motor?

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What is the use of NULL meter on AVR panel

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what equipment is most efficient in power plant?


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why expansion bellow is provided in between hopper and vessel in ash handling plant?


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Difference between electrical and electronics?

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What is indipendant power plant

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What is indipendant power plant


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By any way can we increase the B check hours from 300 to 500


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im try to calculating seawater flow required for SW-FGD system. I need a guide, equation or method to do it, can some one help me! Thanks very much


Which will have more strain energy 1.Spring 2.Circular disc 3.Solid square plate.


what is the meaning of SST300 V56A in SIEMENS turbine


Why superheated are started before I'd and rd fan?


what's the moog valve


LAPT working in alternator / generator


DCS marshaling Cabinet Power supply can be replace during plant running time? Answer Yes it is possible. I am talking about the controller and cards power supply modules. They are always redundant and connected through diode so that if one power supply fails the other can take the charge immediately.so it is possible to replace one of them in running plant if the other one is healthy. MY question is how switching done.


What is LB-SR.


What is surging in a centrifugal compressor ? How it occur's ? How is antisurging done ?


How to calculate power press toneage


what does mean by kva rating




what is the difference between compensated & normal drum level in boiler drum?


how to differentiate between "ALL fuel lost" and "All Fuel Lost" in Boiler MFT condition?


explain how the third harmonic content of the magnetising current affects transformer design