Power Plant Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the defenation of efficiency in the high pressor boiler? what is the formila of efficiency in the high pressor boiler?

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Why attemperation is required in HRSG in a combined cycle power plant?

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why drum level is increased when one of the running coal elevations are suddenly tripped?

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What is definition of hydrogen cell?and were are you use?

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how shall you calculate PLF on the basis of percentage auxillary load factor

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why we use reduction gear box to reduce turbine high rpm to 1500 rpm in small plant

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what is CT saturate?and which effect on CT after its saturate?

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what is IR in differential test on motor?

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What is the use of NULL meter on AVR panel

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what equipment is most efficient in power plant?


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why expansion bellow is provided in between hopper and vessel in ash handling plant?


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Difference between electrical and electronics?

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What is indipendant power plant

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What is indipendant power plant


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By any way can we increase the B check hours from 300 to 500


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can dp type level transmitter work in under vaccum condition


what is need of primary water system in power plant?


what is the trip circuit supervision in an electrical meaning?


what is the basic use of power plant in equipment


our 125 kva DG does not start in AUTO mode works normally in MANUAL mode please give me a solution.....


why airtel use + 24 volts and other operators use -48 volt


Power plants are called CPP,IPP,LLP What is the meaning of it? And tell me some other type of powerplant names.


voltage and frequency is equal but synchronisation not complete why?


what is restricted earth fault explain in details




By any way can we increase the B check hours from 300 to 500


how many safeties should be present in boiler?what are they?


Why superheated are started before I'd and rd fan?


some one can tell me how residual type excitation is provided through transformers to an AC generator without any battery or PMG&excitor


procedure of how to generate power in solar plant.