Marine Engineering Interview Questions
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how many ports are there in india

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i want know about the place where happen iron losses

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is there is any shore job for B.E.MARINE ENGINEER from d.m.e.t./m.e.r.i.?



how many types of ships?


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what is spceific fuel consumption and how fuel calculate.

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what is high temperature corrosion and what is center priming.

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what is slip and what is the principal of axial pump


is it possible to hook up a computer flat screen to a fishfinder?


what does 7L67GFCA stands forin a marine engine MITSUI B&W 7L67GFCA

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dear all i am a civil engineer (diploma) have 9 years experiance in construction fields and specalised works. (have oil and gas experiance also) i am willing to work in offshore rig jobs? what is the basic qualifications of that job? i need some advice and idea from offshore members? pls post the answers for me sirs. thank you

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which country level having below the means sea level?

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In ship cranes, there is a provision of providing a conveyor for the cable. There is no provision of slip ring. How is it possible?


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what is the meaning of code number which is given on bearing.


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how the power has taken from a large marine genarator to the msb?

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how will we know, without opening anything,that an engine is 2S or 4S ?

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what is mmscfd and how to calculate?


hi, i have completed my b.e. marine could u pls suggest me some job site for marine engineering?


How does work in progress could affect goods which are supposed to be in transit?


what is slip and what is the principal of axial pump


what is characteristic of a good written constitution?


In Australia what is minimum qualifications if the ship has two Main Engines each engine is 2400HP and each engine has its own shaft and propeller. Rgds_____Robert


Dear sir   i complete my BE marine wit 75% in 2012 But still i can`t able to job so i decided leave the search job related marine please guide me ...................


A steel column 3 m hight is of hollow square section, 200 mm outside dimension and 20 mm wall thickness. (young's modules E=210*10^9) calculate A: the compressive load which will give a stress of 60 MN/m^2 in column. B: the compression o the column under the load in (A).


describe excessive vibration of a machinery that not always apparent? state and explain that the vibration are transmitted from elastic materials or components to another?


is there is any shore job for B.E.MARINE ENGINEER from d.m.e.t./m.e.r.i.?


What is the difference between conduction type motor and induction type motor?


what is the power in horse power of a 4 stroke diesel with the following make up? piston diameter = 250mm length = 70mm stroke = 300 1 bar (1013kpa) rpm = 5/second please show workings


what is the full form for MAN B&W engine which is as follows - 6ESDZC 34/82


describe the principal features of a positioner


What is overhauling and record kelping? What is the prosecute of dismantling and assembling?