Aeronautical Engineering Interview Questions
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Tell me about yourself?

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what are your strengths?

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what are your weaknesses?

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what objectives would you use to describe yourself?

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what do you know about our company?

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why do you want to work for us?

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why should i hire you?

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what past accomplishments gave you satisfaction?

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what makes you want to work hard?

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what type of work environment do you likebest?

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why do you want this job?

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How do you handle pressure and stress?

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Explain how you overcame a major obstacle?

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where do you see yourself from (Ten or fifteen)years from now?

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what/why did you choose your college major?

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Un-Answered Questions { Aeronautical Engineering }

1.What is IDT? 2.What is permanent shear buckling? 3.Explain Crippling? 4.Why IRB check is imp while one design fuselage? 5.Explain Column buckling?


what is loop or pigtail in an impulse line


why sweathgear panel used 65ka, or 50ka beaking capacity


what/why did you choose your college major?


what happen when diesel genset supply connect to main supply


how many seats r there in chemical eng. in iit through gate


how many types of tenders are there?


what do you believe you can contribute to the company?


if you have valve with a fluid flow at a given psi, what is the stress to the valve?


how can u define testing and troubleshooting


How many no of poles located in the right half of s-plane for the characteristic equation...


Which aircraft use uses automatic fuel transfer system and which aircraft uses semi automatic


If you have a fuel valve with a pressure applied, what is the stress to the open and closed valve?


skrtch and discuss an optical pyrometer. hoe is its accuracy improved? also state why this instrument cannot be used in temperture control system.


what is the slope angle of the APPROACH LIGHT? and How to calculate it?