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Aeronautical Engineering Interview Questions
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Tell me about yourself?

Google, TCS, Technet Engineering,

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what are your strengths?

Technet Engineering,

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what are your weaknesses?

AirIndia, Jindal, Technet Engineering, Wegmans,

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what objectives would you use to describe yourself?

Technet Engineering,

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what do you know about our company?

ABB, Ashok Leyland, Bhel, Flextronics, HPCL, L&T, NINL, Pricol, Technet Engineering, Wegmans,

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why do you want to work for us?

Technet Engineering,

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why should i hire you?

Amdocs, Cisco, Concentrix, Flextronics, Technet Engineering,

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what past accomplishments gave you satisfaction?

Technet Engineering,


what makes you want to work hard?

Packet Shapers, Technet Engineering,

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what type of work environment do you likebest?

Technet Engineering,

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why do you want this job?

Mount Sinai, Technet Engineering,

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How do you handle pressure and stress?

Technet Engineering,

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Explain how you overcame a major obstacle?

Suc international, Technet Engineering, United Nations Economic Commission,

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where do you see yourself from (Ten or fifteen)years from now?

Aviation, BPO, Convergys, Genpact, MetLife, Napier Healthcare, Technet Engineering, TransWorks, Wipro, WNS,

16 82081

what/why did you choose your college major?

CTS, Malaysia Institute of Aviation Technology, Technet Engineering,


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Un-Answered Questions { Aeronautical Engineering }

Explain what is the testing done in aerospace engineering?


State at least three objectives of Aerodynamics?


What medical aid is NOT allowed to carry with you on air-craft?


What distance should be maintained between networking (data) cable & power cable if both cables are run in a seperate condute pipe parallaly?


What things you should not do on while flying?


Why refrigeration is done inside aircraft, and why aircraft body is made of aluminums?


Without air traffic control, what is the minimum descent rate can descend the plane?


What will be the responsibility of the spacecraft operations?


What are the measures taken to save the aircraft from lightning?


What is SPICE? Where was it developed?


what/why did you choose your college major?


What do you mean by Aerodynamic Analysis?


If you have a fuel valve with a pressure applied, what is the stress to the open and closed valve?


What is conic lofting?


What are the characteristics that keep solid and fluid different?