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Emerson Interview Questions
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a group of friends goes for dinner and gets bill of Rs 2400 . Two of them says that they have forgotten their purse so remaining make an extra contribution of Rs 100 to pay up the bill. Tell the no. of person in that group

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what is the difference between earth and neutral?

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sir, i am having a asst loco pilot exam in rrb on 20.04.08 can u send the model question paper for that?

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In a Circuit how the MCB and Fuse ratings are calculated. And shall the fuse follws the MCB or it is otherwise?

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Difference between ups

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why does mA signal preferred for signal transmission?

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Sms service provider's bill (tds applicable or not)

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1)how can calibrate temperature transmitter? 2)how can calibrate flow transmitter? 3)how can calibrate level transmitter?

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What is the meaning of Dry contact and Wet Contact related to to sensors?

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explain Uninterrupted power supply detailed electronical operation with circuit diagram

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requirements for making parallel operation of Uninterrupted power supply

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why we use 4-20 mA to do calibration of the instruments.why we cant use 0-20 mA?

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what is dedicated earthing??????

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What is PEC??Applications........


What is ERD used in Elevators??

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Un-Answered Questions

Tell me something about any ur tour?How u enjoy in that tour tell briefly?


How to create the new instance to existing contracts?


What is Sampling for area measurements?


what is the use of expulsition protective gap in 11Kv line.


In which particular scenario we use sorted table and which particular scenario we use standard table?


how are reversing the direction of rotation of dc motor


a new comer joined in ps consultant role, whats his first job and duty? how he can explain the project details to others? i requesting all the experienced consultants please post the your real time faced attitude and job based problems for getting the morality from you people. please post the answers


What is timing concept in mainframe?


Three reasons why you want to join just dial


how to measure the transformer resistance values(dyn11)?and howmuch the minimum value?


How do I remove a flag or check no. or name when a user opens too many sessions?




how withstand of hi-pot test outputs of transformer wire 2.5mm


What are the built-in functions used for sending Parameters to forms ?


What will happen if doller value increase in terms of rp...?


Emerson Interview Questions
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