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IOCL Interview Questions
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What is the max demand on your transformer and your company?

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Do you know how to measure the earth resistance? if so explain it

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What motivates you to work hard?

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What is the reason for removing silicon from aluminum?

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Are fin tubes necessary for steam heating a liquid?

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What are the effects of oils on the properties of Polyolefins?


The Radoliff Line is the international border between (a) India and Pakistan (b) India and China (c) India and Bangladesh (d) India and Nepal

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Burma was separated from India in (A) 1901 (B) 1920 (C) 1937 (D) 1939

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The early Vedic Period was noted for (a) Urban development (b) Building of great temples (c) Agricultural civilization (d) Commercial activities

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What is the ratio of the width to the length of the National Flag of India? (A) 2 : 4 (B) 3 : 5 (C) 3 : 4 (D) 2 : 3

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Placement paper for HPCL Engineering trainee

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from which book shud i will prepare for the hpcl and various company exma i m fresher and my basic is not strong could u suggest from where to start

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One gram of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) gives an energy of abour 1 25 Kilo Joules 2 50 Kilo Joules 3 75 Kilo Joules 4 100 Kilo Joules

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Which company has introduced 91-Octane petrol EXTRAPREMIUM in India ? 1 BPCL 2 Hindustan Petroleum 3 Indian Oil 4 IBP

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?Servo? brand lubricants are from 1 Bharat Petroleum 2 Hindustan Petroleum 3 IBP 4 Indian Oil

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IOCL Interview Questions

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