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what is e-bum.



Can any one say what is the exact meaning of Engineering.

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Three days and Three Nights Do Not Equal 72 Hours


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please send me minimum 15 library functions in c


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what is inheritance


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If a CPU has 20 address lines but MMU does'nt use two of them. OS occupies 20K. No virtual memory is supported. What is the maximum memory available for a user program?


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Tell us about your quality engineering experience?



What suggestions would you give to include quality, as well as, the production capability into design?


What experience do you have in RMA?s (returned material authorizations?)


What knowledge you have on MRP (material requirement planning) software? Quality tracking software?


Explain your experience in Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma methods?


One of your responsibilities will be to prepare and train on standard work instructions or quality initiatives. What experience and qualifications do you have that will enable you to succeed in this role?


Explain a situation in which you handled a customer?s questions or problems?

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What experience have you had in writing technical materials?



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how convert the spiral model to prototype model ?


Suppose that, even unrealistically, we are to search a list of 700 million items using Binary Search, Recursion (the algorithm given in class). What is the maximum number of comparisons that this algorithm must perform before finding a given item or concluding that it is not in the list?


what is elligibility criteria of hcl?


I am helping a friend to design a concert hall. No need for super architectural show off. Just a rectangular box. Knowing that in my country constructions are done with reinforced concrete and concrete blocks and that the hall's dimensions are, length: 75 meters, width: 32m height: 9m, and that there should not be any columns inside, what would be the size of the columns, beams and roof slab ?


compair and contrast procedrual and object oriented programming language


No. of rounds: 1. GD 2. Written test 3. Technical round 4. HR Group Discussion: In GD I got topic “Effect of Movies on Youth, is it good or bad?”. Everyone got chance to speak. They examined the fluency and point of view on topic. I was selected in this round. Written Test: In written, there were 30 to 40 question including 5 subjective, they are, 1 What is RTTI(Run Time Type Information)? 2 What is containership? 3 What is the difference between compiler level of C++, C# and one other language? 4 Why C++ reserve 2 bytes for structure? 5 One question was related to dot net….. Remaining question are objective and they are belongs to C, Data Structure, 4-5 question from Java and also some questions from Software Development, includes, Some programs given with there output, questions related to sorting algorithm and there complexities, from java, multithreading and a program for Concatenation of two strings using inbuilt methods, from Software development they ask about software lifecycle(including all phases), specification and testing. It was all technical and I cleared the written too. Technical round: In this round, they asked about my resume. Remember the things that you write only those things in resume, in which you are very well, else it will create problems for you. They asked first about myself, and then about my programming skills. They give me a problem to solve in C. They ask me about SQL commands (because I mentioned in resume) like difference between delete and truncate, left join with syntax, then some questions from OS and computer network. I also found out that they were taking my stress testing. They fired questions very rapidly. Don’t give up they will make you feel free environment if you will get nervous (at that time I was). HR round: In this round as usual they asked about personal question to starting with about yourself. They asked some IQ questions like which object with four points are at equidistance, draw three co-centric circle without pull-up your hand, they also asked question, if a bear is jump from 1 meter in …sec. what is the color of that bear. Answer is related to measuring gravity according to south and north pole, and I was confused at that time. They also asked the meaning of my name, I gave that answer.


differance between radix sort and radix exchange sort


i need the placement paper of ford IT service...


i m doing engg in IT .for getting job which courses i have to do?


how many clusters are generated by k-means algorithm?


If i update, insert or delete records in my view will it affect my base table?????


Define function ? Explain arguments in functions ?


Find the maximum stress intensity in the section?


what is the pri request of binary search


can any one give 10 ways to create a file in unix...???? through command prompt....