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Tata Power Interview Questions
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What is the max demand on your transformer and your company?

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Difference between ups

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Why the shape of OP-AMP is triangular not other shape?

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1)Why electric shock is feel ?? n in a Electric Train why we didnt feel that ? 2)What is the reason for transformer Noise ?? 3)What is relation b/w Transmission Lines & Communication Lines ? 4)Which material is used for making Transformer oil & How u measure its dielectric strength & Name the test ?

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what are the reasons of low voltage during start the DG?

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how we use the positioner feed back in split range control valves?

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what is pt100 RTD, and does 100 stands for

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Thermocouples work as follow:

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What is the effect of pump installation in series and parallel connection.

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Why attemperation is required in HRSG in a combined cycle power plant?

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why in india the voltage generate multiply by 11,,,like 220v,440v,11kv,33kv,66kv,220kv,

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why there is no grow of grass under the high voltage transmission line?

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what is significance of canister vent in condensate extraction pump & difference between vacuume balancinf line & canister vent

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In a thermal power plant ID Fans running with full load but boiler load is only 80 % give reason ?

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what is size of 3phase 4wire cable to be used for 11 ton ductable A.C and how to calculate cable size for different load


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Why mostly the HV side of transformer has Delta?


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Tata Power Interview Questions
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