Metallurgy Interview Questions
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Why do metallurgy engineers so sucessfull in their profession so that they dont think beyond their dreams?


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What do you do with the super alloys in the present working culture so as to improve the technology for general people?


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What is meant by powder metallurgy?

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Isn't power metallurgy an expensive processing route to employ?


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What special precautions need to be employed if a powder metallurgy route is chosen?

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Why are the superalloys sometimes subjected to secondary melting processes?

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When might secondary melting processes be unnecessary?

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Why do the Gamma Prime and Gamma Double Prime phases play such an important role in promoting strength in the superalloys?

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What happens to the microstructure during service exposure?


Why do some of the latest 'single crystal' superalloys contain concentrations of the grain boundary strengthening elements, e.g. carbon and boron?


What is Vacuum Induction Melting ?

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The processes used to fabricate the superalloys seem fairly mature. Is much process development going on?

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How can Residual stresses in superalloy components can be minimised?

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Is it possible to design heat treatment processes such that a gradient in grain size is produced?

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What is investment casting?

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Do you know define what metal might be considered the “most environmental”? I say aluminum because it can be recycled others on my team say brass.


A plain carbon steel contains 45 wt% of proeutectoid ferrite. Define what is its average carbon content in weight percent? I know that you need to use a tie line in the phase diagram, but my book does not really give a good example to go by


The stress concentration is caused due to ?


Define what is the grain size of lead as an element and as an alloy such as lead tin alloy?


For the same part, it is possible to Specify the two different type of Hardness with same scall(EX-Quenching and tempering==>450 to 500HV30 & Hardening and Austempering 330- 380HV30)


When we do cardonitriding or casehardening operation for a plain carbon steel the case depth, hardness & microstructure are not alike why and what are the basicthing, which makes such a difference.


what medal conducts heat best?


What is the composition of d2?


Define boring.


What is the atomic density of ceramics?


How is solution annealing carried out? What type of furnace is required?


Which is stronger, tungsten or titanium?


what is the grain size of lead as an element and as an alloy such as lead tin alloy?


Is there a possibility of inducing stress cracking in an insulated stainless road tanker vessel (20 tonne capacity) if the vessel is subject to rapid filling (10 tonne /hr) with liquid methane (-160 c) assuming the vessel is at ambient. If so, where could I obtain suggested cooling rates?


is nickel considered a non-sparking metal?