Metallurgy Interview Questions
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Why do metallurgy engineers so sucessfull in their profession so that they dont think beyond their dreams?


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What do you do with the super alloys in the present working culture so as to improve the technology for general people?


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What is meant by powder metallurgy?

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Isn't power metallurgy an expensive processing route to employ?


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What special precautions need to be employed if a powder metallurgy route is chosen?

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Why are the superalloys sometimes subjected to secondary melting processes?

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When might secondary melting processes be unnecessary?

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Why do the Gamma Prime and Gamma Double Prime phases play such an important role in promoting strength in the superalloys?

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What happens to the microstructure during service exposure?


Why do some of the latest 'single crystal' superalloys contain concentrations of the grain boundary strengthening elements, e.g. carbon and boron?


What is Vacuum Induction Melting ?

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The processes used to fabricate the superalloys seem fairly mature. Is much process development going on?

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How can Residual stresses in superalloy components can be minimised?

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Is it possible to design heat treatment processes such that a gradient in grain size is produced?

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What is investment casting?

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what are metallurgical microscopes?


How to calculate heat affected zone in weld?


Explain the purpose of riser?


What is the use of core prints?


what is the hardness of ohns before heat treatment process and hardness of en series before heat treatment process


I currently use 17-7 PH stainless which is hardened to condition CH after forming. raw matl is .1.75"X .12" X .008". Its main usage after hardening is silicon wafer retainer where it's contantly cycled up and down to putin and remove wafer after 40-60 sec process at 400C temp. At this high temperature this part seemed to deform after a a couple of hundred wafer which is what it was designed for in the first place. THere is a proposal to go to a different material to increase lifeline of this part. My question is..... can 321 SST be a plugin replacement. I know this has a higher temp rating but how about its forming characteristics, will it have spring properties, and wont become brittle after prolonged exposure to 400C.


On which basis annealing cycle of steel bars of UpTo 6 MTR can be decided.we r charging 40-45 metric ton load for annealing in bogie furnace?


How can you find out define what kind of stainless steel was used in making a stainless object?


What are ceramics?


What is tack welding ?


What is recrystallization?


What is Redlich Kwong equation?


Define grinding.


what is special about the properties of chromium molybdenum steels that make them ideal for pressure vessels?


Define what are ceramics?