What do you mean by "M-30"?

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What do you mean by "M-30"?..

Answer / punit

M means mix.
30 represents 28 days compressive strengh of concrete.

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What do you mean by "M-30"?..

Answer / nilesh ghadge

30N/MM2 AT 28 DAYS

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What do you mean by "M-30"?..

Answer / nikul prajapati

it is the grade of concrete.

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What do you mean by "M-30"?..

Answer / sudhakar

M- stands for concrete mix
30- stands for compressive strength of concrete i.e. 30
N/mm2 after 28 days age of concrete

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What do you mean by "M-30"?..

Answer / amit

m 30 represents the compressive strenth of concrte in mix
it denoted the 30 n/mm2 compressive strenth at the end of
28 days curig

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What do you mean by "M-30"?..

Answer / rajkumar

m=mix design
30 is characteristics compressive strengths of concrete after 20 days of curing.

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