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JSW Interview Questions
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Isn't power metallurgy an expensive processing route to employ?

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How does water tranports from the soil to the plant?

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What will happen if 230V DC motor connected to 230V AC Supply?

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why transformer is giving some humming noise .....?

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sir please send me previous year questions of jspl through which i could prepare myself fpr the test.

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what is difference between corrossion and erosion?

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what is the difference between LT and HT power supply?

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I want a RRB model question for Diploma mechanical Engg.

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what is the formula of knowing the clabe size on any load?

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why we can turn on the phase-A scr in 3 phase converter at 30 degrees


specific gravity of water

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when turbine trips generator will becomes induction motor or synchronous motor?

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How do we calculate number of jets for Pelton turbine, when its specifications like turbine diameter, number of buckets, total discharge are given?

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what is the role of id fan in a furnace?

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What is the method for testing the differential protection stabilty in generator? When the time of starting What will happen if differentail protection connection wrong means?


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Un-Answered Questions

temp of cast resin 1500kva tx formerwent up to 138.c but came down very fast to about 100.c within 20 mins when load was reduced from 70% to 60%


program explaining feautures of c++


It is possible to access Text (x.txt) files? Explain.


Hi I am new in this forum and in this practice. can anyone help me out in finding out how to get training material for SAP CRM 2007.


what are the facilities provided by data warehouse to analytical users?


what is revenue recognition rule, and can you specify the answer.


i have client interview in TCS.client is CITI to face it,what type of questions they will ask,please tell send me to


what is the difference between testing techniques and principles of testing?Kindly explain both of them with an example.


when the instrument tapping on pipe line is located below and transmitter is located above the tapping point for liquid service transmitter, what should we do, is there any additional drain valve is required??


I want to capture data(using keyword) from msdos application using QTP?... Below is little work i could do on it... /* Set app=CreateObject("") ("C:\Users\Agent\Desktop\pumpsim\PUMPSIM.EXE") Window(“PUMPSIM.EXE”).Activate wait(3) app.sendkeys "N" */ Thanks in advance...!!!


Anyone whose sbi interview has been over , please share all the question asked by them


What is EARTH COUPLING. Have come across,a pnuematic index table Machine is vertical drilling machine made by Chiron GMBH


How do you test DLL files using automation Tool QTP?


How do you implement Ajax using hide() function in JQuery?


how to create a simple presentation in flash 5


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