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Lanco Interview Questions
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What are the different sizes of cables for H.T and L.T side of supply?

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How is Siebel 7.x architecture different from Siebel 6.x?

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In Microstrategy, how can you direct the sql generated to use a specifc table?

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Which of the following districts grows most of coffee ? (a) Coorg (b) Mysore (c) Hubli (d) Bellary

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The first metal to be used by man was (A) Alluminium (B) Copper (C) Silver (D) Iron

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Can u please post some questions of MTNL junior telecom officer exam?


I want formula to calculate cable size as per load given in kw & amp.I searched many sites but didn't right answer.Plz reply me asap.

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What is the difference between Isolator annd Circuit Breaker.

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what is full form of SMART

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what is DG synchronization panel plz explain the working!!!!!!!

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what is meant by slip & where its occur ?

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what is the function of Droop CT and where it is used?

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in power plant lube oil system, if oil mist/vapour eliminator is not running what are all the consequences occur in system?

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What is the technical name of Transformer Oil ?

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what is Delphi technique?

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Un-Answered Questions

how many litres of enamel paint required for 5000 sft of site?? 


How do you add/remove a payment block for particular invoice ?


In a KSDS file, key is missing for one record. How to insert the key for that particular record from back up file. Is there any sorting needed for the back up file before the key insertion?


What is the content reside in Use case Document?


what is meant by directional earth fault and non directional earth fault? describe both.


Discuss the steps involved in Business Research decision-making process.


What Normal(Tangent) towers and Tension(Cut-point) Towers?


Which LED light is better for fire safety? 24 V DC or 220 VAC? (In fireproof factory Godown)


What is the use of vbj [options] [arguments normally sent to java VM] {class} [arg1 arg2 ...]?


In which all places, testing is done?One is from the server by calling server name.Can u suggest others?


kindly guide me about inspection process with the requried roles in detail?


how u spend your last weekend???


Why wait(),notify(),notifyAll() methods defined in Object class althought we are using in only threads.


can i use 4 number of circuit breaker as single phase manual change over switch? if yes then how plz also send ckt diagram at


How TCP/IP Handles Flow Control?


Lanco Interview Questions
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