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what is Real power and Reactive power ? what is difference
between them ?

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what is Real power and Reactive power ? what is difference between them ?..

Answer / sudheer

REAL POWER is the useful power and reactive power is power
required to get useful power.
EX:-if u eat 10 biscuits u will not get energy equivalent
to 10 biscuits
YOU will get energy 0f 7 biscuits only
remaining 3 biscuits energy used for chewing,digesting
(internal process).
Here real power due to 7 biscuits and reactive power due to
3 biscits.

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what is Real power and Reactive power ? what is difference between them ?..

Answer / s.k.

Real power (Watt) is the power useful in the network , it
is : P = S x P.F.

where P = real power (W )
S = Apparent power ( VA )
P.F. = Power Factor = cosine the angle between P,S

The reactive power ( Q ) , produced by capacitabce in the
network ( under ground cables ) and should be elemenated as
much as possiable

Q = S x sin theeta
Theeta = sine the angle between P,S

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what is Real power and Reactive power ? what is difference between them ?..

Answer / vnod

Ans 1 is very correct.
reactive power is using to produce the working flux for
energy conversion (not losses).every generating station
supplying sufficient reactive power as per load centre

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what is Real power and Reactive power ? what is difference between them ?..

Answer / vamshi kulkarni

simply to be remember very simply, real power means the
power which we actually use for our application, reactive
power means the amount of power wasted in the network,
apparent power means vectorial addition of real and reactive
powers, so we always pay money for apparent power even
though we r not using reactive power. Thats why in
industries always we use to keep apparent power as low as
possible by using capacitor banks

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what is Real power and Reactive power ? what is difference between them ?..

Answer / mani777

apperent power(reactive power) measures in kva unit
while real power is=v*i(reactive power)*cos theeta
& real power measures in killowatt or watt unit
example aready given by my frnd sudeer.....

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