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ACC Interview Questions
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Which type of modulation is used in TV transmission?

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How to Create an IS Schema?

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what do u mean by debit/credit memo invoices?

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what is the impartence of secondary cost element in controling, if it is needed give reasons

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What is Cement

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why the generating voltage in India is 11kV or why is it be transmitted as multiples of 11

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The biggest oil refinery in India is at (1) Mathura (2) Visakhapatnam (3) Barauni (4) Koyali

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ORA-12842: Cursor invalidated during parallel execution

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. Which of the following weapons of war are conspicuous by their absence in the archaeological finds of the Indus Valley Civilisation? (1) Swords (2) Spears (3) Daggers (4) Axes

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. Devaluation of currency leads to (1) Fall in domestic prices (2) No effect in domestic prices (3) Increase in domestic prices (4) Any of the above

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. In Jainism ‘perfect knowledge’ is referred as to (a) Jina (b) Ratna (c) Kaivalya (d) Nirvana

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Which of the following elements is not-radioactive? 1 Uranium 2 Thorium 3 Plutonium 4 zirconium

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In what considerations the nifty and sensex value changes? In other words what's the reason for fluctuations in nifty and sensex???

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send me sap xi interview questions .Thanks in advance

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Tell Me about yourself?

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ACC Interview Questions

Un-Answered Questions

what is the difference between cold and hot spark plug? mention their place of use with justification?


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Explain what is the difference between a primary and secondary actor in use case modeling?


Is there any benefit of learning MapReduce, then?


hi,i worked mostly in core abap.know iam assigned to XI utility project.can u experts let me know what r the basic things i need to learn to work in XI utility project.i already searched in forum.thanks in advance.


How is sap transportation management licensed by sap? : transportation management


how to creat my account in share market kindly send full detail?


What is Distributed Cache?


Which are the linux directory commands?


Is sql a oracle?


Explain the maximum number of levels allowed in ims db?