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ACC Interview Questions
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Which type of modulation is used in TV transmission?

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How to Create an IS Schema?

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what do u mean by debit/credit memo invoices?

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what is the impartence of secondary cost element in controling, if it is needed give reasons

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What is Cement

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why the generating voltage in India is 11kV or why is it be transmitted as multiples of 11

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The biggest oil refinery in India is at (1) Mathura (2) Visakhapatnam (3) Barauni (4) Koyali

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ORA-12842: Cursor invalidated during parallel execution

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. Which of the following weapons of war are conspicuous by their absence in the archaeological finds of the Indus Valley Civilisation? (1) Swords (2) Spears (3) Daggers (4) Axes

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. Devaluation of currency leads to (1) Fall in domestic prices (2) No effect in domestic prices (3) Increase in domestic prices (4) Any of the above

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. In Jainism ‘perfect knowledge’ is referred as to (a) Jina (b) Ratna (c) Kaivalya (d) Nirvana

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Which of the following elements is not-radioactive? 1 Uranium 2 Thorium 3 Plutonium 4 zirconium

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In what considerations the nifty and sensex value changes? In other words what's the reason for fluctuations in nifty and sensex???

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send me sap xi interview questions .Thanks in advance

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Tell Me about yourself?

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how to register dll in COM / COM+ application


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What is structural authorization in organization management (om)?


What are the no-load losses for the 11000/415V transformer with the following rated capacity? 1.1500 kVA 2. 2000 kVA 3. 2500 kVA 4. 3000 kVA


who to increase the sale promotion?


Highest level event class of the event-delegation model?


Do you have the qualities and skills necessary to succeed in your career at Burlington Coat Factory?


List the difference between a "copy constructor" and a "assignment operator"?


what are the global properties security levels?


Explain theory of thermocouples?


33kv Rated output avilable in market (any where in india)


What is the maximum P-max for a cylinder in M/E.


Whar are the challenges do we face while testing web based applications using the automation tool QTP or any??


To whom a method is accesssed if it is marked as protected internal ?


why Nacl solution called as brine solution?