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Shell Interview Questions
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Explain your project management?

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Did you handle any interior designing jobs?

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What is 2 way , 3 way and 4 way matching?

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All of the following are constituents of RNA molecules, except: (A) adenine (B) guanin (C) thymine (D) uracil

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plz send me civil q papers of hpcl

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At which Congress session did Dadabhai Naoroji announce that Swaraj was the goal of India?s political efforts? 1 1886 Calcutta session 2 1893 Lahore session 3 1905 Benares session 4 1906 Calcutta session

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Briefly describe your ideal job? Why did you choose this career? What goals do you have in your career? How do you plan to achieve these goals? Can you work well under deadlines or pressure? Tell us about a time when you failed to meet a deadline. What were the repercussions? Why do you want to work here? Why should we hire you over the others waiting to be interviewed? What three Specific Job Positions do you target from the Company?

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How do you determine or evaluate success?

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What are the month end activities performed in an organization? Why do we perform these month end activities? Explain in detail.

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what is meant by Standard hierarchy and alternative hierarchy in sap fico?

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deference between DCS and PLC including date processing and architacture.

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why did you apply to shell

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sir i have to face an interview for marine trainee engineer on 15 sept tell me some related questions which r genrally asked...


how calculation to be done of cable size/o.h. conductor size of 11kv h.t.for the load of 2175 kw

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Why SF6,VCB,Oil Ckt Breakers are use in HT Side need brief information ?

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Un-Answered Questions

I executed one job and I forget to save the final JCL. But took an XDC from SPOOL. Now I want to recover the JCL from XDC dataset. Is there any process to do this?. (Manually it takes a lot of time). Is there


Why are Plasmodiophoromycetes not true fungi?


What is the java project architecture?


If u want ur Ans.Of any Question so mail me


How did you arrive at the sales of your industry and its growth rate? - Venture Capitalists


If anyone have attended interview with deloitte for the post of senior manual test engineer. Please share the interview process and the questions asked. How to prepare for the interview. Thanks in advance


What is the Maximum size for a table in PostgreSQL?


Is Genetic engineering the best of solution?


when u connect the repository for the first time it asks you for user name & password of repository and database both.But subsequent times it asks only repository password. why?


What is Delta Connection? What is meant by Forward Delta & Reverse Delta & How Will be the Connection in Power Transformers?


why the carbon brushes are broken in srim while the motor runningtime


why we use the ac supply load cell>?can we use the dc supply load cell?advantages and disadvantage of the ac supply load cell?


please advice me what i have to prepare for NIC Exam(22-feb- 09). send me the question pattern for the 2 hrs exam. please sent it to


I'm preparing to to build a simple house, but i don't know how to calculate how much cement, gravel and sand and hollow blocks i need to prepare. How many pcs of 4" or 6" hollow blocks I need for my planned 3mx6m house? thanks. 


Why do you want to join software field as you have done your BE in Electronics?


Shell Interview Questions
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