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Caterpillar Interview Questions
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Do you know anyone who works for us?

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What irritates you about co-workers?

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ORA-28502: internal communication error on heterogeneous database link

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if you tell a lie, you will be put to the sword and if you tell the truth you weil be hanged

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can we use light duty vehicle axle into the heavy duty machinery axle ? if no then why?

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explian PIN photodiode and avalanche photodiode


application of optical fibers and sensors

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why capacitor bank is not used in generator power

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A flight carrying food packets is flying at a height of 1960m from the ground. The speed of the flight is given. Find the time taken for a food packet dropped at that instance to hit the ground.

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5 tables and 10 chairs were sold for 20000.15%gain for table,10%loss on chair.overall profit rs 750.the cp of table is

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How can we read latest records in a text file named file1.txt using seq file stage only? file1 having 100 records in that 5 record sare latest records.How can we read that latest records?

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how many types of remove the duplicate records?

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epaulet : shoulder : : ring :?


slur : speech : : smudge :?


vernacular : place : : fingerprint : ?


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