what are all the components required to assemble solar panel other than pv cell?

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The Howland current source produces a A Unidirectional floating load current B Bidirectional single-ended load current C Unidirectional single-ended load current D Bidirectional floating load current

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Regarding units, for voltage we are denoting Volts as V but in case of current we are not denoting Ampere as A instead as I..Why..? Any technical reason for this..?

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What is mean by STUB protection?

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What is disadvanage if power factor goes to in leading..?

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How we calculate the average power factor if the one phase is lag and another one is in lead?

1 Answers   DigiTech, MCR,

what is the formula to calculate the distance between one phase to another phase in single phase line and 3 phase line for different volt for example ; 33kv, 11kv ,22kv,230v

1 Answers   Suzlon,

What is the difference between PT for metering and PT for protection ?

3 Answers   Dewan Cement,

how tto ingress mw in turbine explain.procedure ?

0 Answers   Power Grid,

What is the differance between vacuum breaker and vacuume contactor

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suppose a fan is running with phase and neutral. if its neural is touched to body. then fan get stopped. if this fan is connected to phase and ground supply..then why it runs?

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why transformer rating in always in KVA ?

4 Answers   Horizon Computers,

 where the Motorized mccb to be used? In Motor control center panel starters ,it is use full. please answer  

1 Answers   Voltas,

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