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Vardhman Interview Questions
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Why do woolen clothes keep us warm in winter ?

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what are IS code for M20, 25, etc

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What is the limite of deducted of WCT & how we fill the return in Haryana

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in case death of employ gratuity recieved by its legal hiers . so wht will b its treatment from income tax point of view in the hannd of diceased (employe) and the legal hier?

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Why do we use 500ppb sucrose and 500ppb 1,4 benzoquinone in TOC calibration?

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why we use capacitor in Fans not resistor?

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What is reason of rating of transmission line multi pal of 11 like as 11/33/66/220 ? Why not use 75 kv 23 kv line in power system ?

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what is exat meaning of compentation in RTD ? what diffrent between 2 wire,2 wire and 4 wire RTDs?

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how do the stepper motor works.

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How many bricks will be fit in one cubic meter, if the brick measurement is 0.20cm X0.08, If you also write down the formula for this question too.

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how much thick Pcc required for floor tiles

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how can we calculate cutting length of a column ring (300 x 600)

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How can we calculate the cement Quantity in M25?

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what is the meaning of 0.5ohm Resistance


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