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HCC Interview Questions
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how to find motor contactor rating and bimetalic relay rating? of 30kw motor which will operate on star-delta starter?

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How many times one TMT bars bents & straight upto not broken the bar.

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What is meant by 'zero value' in quantity surveying.

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What are new technologies in civil engr. that can reduce construction cost?

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hi frnds i hav got thro BHEL written exam..wat to prepare for me plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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In General Business scenario we use cost center for cost collection and for short term or special purpose we use Internal order. If we use Internal Order insteed of cost center accounting so what happend. any data volume or periodic lost data we face.

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which is batter in construction job,ELCB or RCCB?

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What is the unit weight if concrete?.

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why we r not earthed Control cable of C.T. terminals


How much quantity of water required for curing of: 1) For concrete of 10cu-m or 10sq-m 2) For blockwork of 10sq-m 3) For plastering of 10sq-m


what is meant by MIS report

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What is working principle of ACB and VCB?

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Trapezoidal footing length = 2m , B=1.7m D=0.5m and d- 0.15m. Can anybody help and calculate quantity of concrete by explaining all formulas involved.

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Un-Answered Questions

Where to enter bonus and pf esi in tally pls help for me


Dear all, Please send me the ab initio pdfs and faqs i need... my mail id is


what is the difference between planned and non planned budgt


write a C program:There is a mobile keypad with numbers 0-9 and alphabets on it. Take input 0f 7 keys and then form a word from the alphabets present on the keys.


My question is abt backlog.I had dropped one subject in my second year, and completed this subject in the 3rd attempt, so how many backlogs i have got?1 or 3?plz sujjest the answer as soon as possible


how many maximum number of virtual users we can create?


All aptitude question of Bechtel


Size of the power cable like 1.5,2.5,4 which area calculated from whick area or how specified the size?


How to select the gauge of wire for winding of motors? How to select number of turns for winding of three phase induction motor?


If short circuit ratio is high is it bad or good for a machine then tell the reason...


May I have a brief note above the voltage barriers? Whats is the purpose? Please mail me if you've operational details, mail id:


How to test PAGE LOAD TIME, RELOAD THE PAGE, CAPTURE THE URL'S , TEST THE PIXALS please please above all these how to test as a tester


Reports: Event functionality.


Can you explain the color red to a blind person?


Can u Explain about the electronic trivector meter and the use of data converters in them?


HCC Interview Questions
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