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Simplex Interview Questions
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What are the dimensions of 1)Standard Brick 2)Nominal Brick What is the difference between them in terms of use ?

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What is the unit weight if concrete?.

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How we calculate the actual diameter of the TMT Steel

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What is credit card? How useful to people?

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Concrete Mix designs for M15,M20,M25,M30 and M35

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What"s mean by water bound macadam road(WBM)?

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How the reconcilation of the steel can be done?

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How to calculate the amount of cement & sand required for plastering work with ratio 1:4 please give me an answer with detailed step.

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if a employee basic salary is rs. 8000/- in march 2010 his total days of salary is 15 then what will amt comes in his f.p.f.(8.33%) account

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What is plasticiser and where it will use?

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what is stressing

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what is 43 & 53 in cement

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methode of psc girder stressing

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why demand factor less then 1 ?


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One of our potential future investors ask us for following: "We also wanted to see the high level algorithm diagrams". I have searched the Web a lot and have found a lot of types of diagrams. I will not list them here. I'm not sure that the definition "high level algorithm diagrams" exists at all. Any way, if you know it is - where I can find it on Web. The more general question. If one need to create (let us define it this way) high level algorithm diagrams - where to find types, descriptions and templates on Web. Thanks a lot. Valery


my assessment says that I must post a dishonoured cheque in the general journal not a specialised journal how would I write that I know bank would be credited but what account would be debited???


what is the relation between pitch of steel and depth of slab?


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Simplex Interview Questions
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