can we maintain schedulines in the ddelivery

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can we maintain schedulines in the ddelivery..

Answer / k.nayak

There is no schedule line in delivry process.

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can we maintain schedulines in the ddelivery..

Answer / vin

Delivery is made up of header and item lines, you can't
maintain schedule lines for delivery

Schedule lines with confirmed qty in the sales order are
copied as item lines into delivery document

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can we maintain schedulines in the ddelivery..

Answer / swamy

yes .schedule lines nothing but delivery quantity and
delivery date.

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can we maintain schedulines in the ddelivery..

Answer / sap

subha is absolutely right with her answer!!! but question is wrong for her answer..y dont u read the question properly before answering. i know that u post answers for qall the questions and all of them are wrong..better dont confuse peopl..these kind of sites are highly informative and very useful for people who are preparing for interviews and they depend on experts answers to face the interview.U better not answer any questions subhe...pls dont mistake me...

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can we maintain schedulines in the ddelivery..

Answer / praveen

Delivery is only header and item
Billing is only header and item

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can we maintain schedulines in the ddelivery..

Answer / subha


Schdule line category is the combination of item category
grup and mrp type and delivery of the goods depends upon the
availability check ; and tor done for which we need to
define the moment types so it very much depends on schdule lnes

Moreover in sales doc when we create the order we need
define in clear terms the delivery date at the order level
which again depends upon the schudule line

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can we maintain schedulines in the ddelivery..

Answer / subha

Hi Nayak

Hope all is well

the movement of goods depends on schdule lines and
this is what takes palce in delivery movment type 601

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