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NTT Data Interview Questions
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PLease send Me SAP-PP Interviw Questions and FAQ's.


How to select the observations randomly from a SAS dataset

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What are your weaknesses / areas of improvement ?

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what is the difference between user-exit & customer-exit?

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what is difference between po_headers_all and po_headers

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how did spent your yesterday?

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"you r graduated as ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNCATION ENGINEER, then y u r looking for a job in IT side"?

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How to attend the HR round,which type of questions are there.


Explain in detail about the VMS- Vehicle Management System in SAP ?

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1.What is the difference between append structure and include structure. 2. what is the logging of technical setting while creating db table.

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what is need of function group for function modules whereas there is no need of for subroutines?

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can I use “drop” statement in the utility “fload”?

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How can i explain RICEF with example in interview?

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What is revenue recognition.

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how to sort numbers in sap-abap using internal tables without using sort technique.

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Un-Answered Questions

how to calculate freeboard in under ground water tank and technical details


Hello, I have PROC SQLs results group by 3 fields and I use SUM and COUNT functions in SQL. The problem is when I try to display my result with PROC TABULATE. I am getting very big numbers. I believe I make a mistake some where in Tabulate. Here is my Proc Tabulate. PROC TABULATE DATA=OUT04_05 FORMAT=12.; CLASS YR CENTRE VISA / PRELOADFMT EXCLUSIVE; VAR NEWUSER FRAUD TRANSFER AUTUSER REISSUE; TABLE CENTRE ALL, (YR ALL)*VISA, (NEWUSER*F=COMMA12. AUTUSER*F=COMMA12. FRAUD*F=COMMA12. TRANSFER*F=COMMA12. REISSUE*F=COMMA12.) / MISSTEXT={LABEL='0'} PRINTMISS RTS=20; FORMAT VISA VISAFMT.; KEYLABEL SUM = ' ' ALL = 'TOTAL'; LABEL YR = 'DATE YEAR' NEWUSER = 'TOTAL NEW ACCT' TRANSFER = 'TOTAL TRANSFER' FRAUD = 'TOTAL FRAUD TRANSFER' AUTUSER = 'TOTAL AUTH USERS' REISSUE = 'TOTAL REISSUE'; When I code it like : NEWUSER*N*F=COMMA12. AUTUSER*N*F=COMMA12. I get same amount numbers but to find a NEWUSER I use COUNT(*) and to find AUTUSER I use SUM(xxxx) function so both result shouldn’t be the same my problem is in this point. Could you tell me where the problem in code is. How can I display my result? TX.


i have completed my cetifictae iv in business and doing deploma of business. after doing these course which deploma course is suitable for me as well as i can get pr? can i do certificate iii in automotive if i can after completing this couse how much score i have to socre to apply the pr? pls honestly adivce me ......................


 What is meant by REORDER option in PL/1?


Describe me accounting rules


professional tax rate


IIS Core functionality?


How much time Required for PPR pipe network testing


I have Completed my diploma in Electronics in year 2009.I got low score in TOEFL.SO what should i do to get the visa...I am confident that I will get the visa..But probable chances for getting visa....and i also got I20 and paid Visa interview fees.....


what is pre settlements and post settlements in Derivatives?


I wnat to practice more online type questions .so will you show them me to take a practice test?


Theare is a Database In analysis services,How we will specify the fact table.(i.e whether we will create the measure objects for the fact tbl.) or it will reside insde the database.


what are system options for install base?


1. What do you understand by "Quality"? And how much, do you think "Quality" is important and why? 2. What do you mean by "Analyst"? What is the difference between a "Quality Analyst" and a "Quality Controller"?


plz send me sylyabus model quetion paper for drug inspector exam


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