how to communicate with abaper for new requirements

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What are fields need to be activated for the available check and TOR.

4 Answers   Wipro,

what is the requirement column contains in pricing table.Please explain with example.

4 Answers   Wipro, Tech Mahindra,

wat is single level BOM and multilevel BOM

1 Answers   IBM,

In interviews interviewers asked me "What is your role and resposibility in your project. What is the answer for this questions. Pls answer me anybody for this. Thanks in advance.

1 Answers  

for the 1st 10 sales order i want to give discount, so what customization we have to do with ... ? plz. reply ..?

7 Answers   Satyam,

One billing point, and 2 sales order point, isn't possible Ex: hyderabad,delhi ordering point and pune is billing point. if it possible mail me the configuration urgent thanks in advance

1 Answers  

I am having 2.1 yrs of experience in sap sd.can any one send me a sample of perfect resume to my mailid.

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hai any body explain me about dunning procedure

4 Answers   Accenture,

Unable to print delivery document or packing list. what could be the reasons?

0 Answers  

When you save a sales order what's the background process which takes place??

3 Answers   IBM, FutureSoft,

How to change chart of accounts of company code after making several sales orders and delivery?

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what is the difference between cash sale and rush order? And which scenario we are using cash sale and rush order?

6 Answers   HP,